Historical sites

Historical sites – enjoy the travel back in time

Historical sites – Warsaw past Warsaw is a truly interesting city. No wonder that each year more and more tourists decide to visit it. Interestingly, more and more people decide to come to Warsaw not only for business and then just fill their time with some sightseeing, but also strictly for pleasure and enjoyment of… Continue Reading »

Autumn in the capital

Autumn in the capital – where’s the fun

Autumn in the capital – Warsaw attractions Warsaw has plenty of attractions. There are many various kinds of museums, art galleries, exhibitions (including interactive ones) and plenty of recreational places, both outdoors and indoors. No matter your interest or passions you can certainly find something for yourself. Interestingly, price range allows to choose something suitable… Continue Reading »

Traditional cuisine

Traditional cuisine – enjoy the history

Traditional cuisine – what to expect Warsaw is a really interesting place. There’s really plenty of attractions to choose from and there’s really a lot of things that you can do. Just think of many museums, art galleries, exhibition places that you can choose as the places of your destination. Then, there are many places… Continue Reading »

Copernicus Science Centre

Copernicus Science Centre – look up the stars

Copernicus Science Centre – what’s on Warsaw has a lot of attractions. Everyone can find something for themselves. There is plenty of different kinds of museums and art galleries. You can choose here from historical museums, modern art galleries, but also museums of science and technology. One of the very interesting places, that is definitely… Continue Reading »

Unique Polish dishes

Unique Polish dishes – grab a bite of tradition

Unique Polish dishes – what’s on menu Poland has a lot of attractions that make it a country truly worth visiting. You can find a lot of historical sites and monuments that show Poland’s rich history. You can also enjoy it’s beauty while visiting national parks, where you can enjoy getting in touch with intact… Continue Reading »