Warsaw Guide

Articles in this category will surely help you in finding yourself in a different, colorful culture of Poland and will tell you something about the atmosphere of the capital city itself – Warsaw is a very diverse, historically rich place and before you go there, you should know a little bit more about it.

Warsaw city centre

Warsaw city centre – the best attractions

Warsaw’s history – past relieved Warsaw is the capital city of Poland with a very interesting history. What’s striking is the fact that during World War II Warsaw was almost completely destroyed. The city suffered really serious damage but still managed to rise from the ashes. Today’s Warsaw is filled with the remnants of its… Continue Reading »

Warsaw tourism

Warsaw tourism – business and pleasure

Warsaw business visitors Warsaw as the capital city needs to retain certain level of services and attractions, both for foreign and domestic visitors. What’s interesting, Warsaw needs to provide appropriate forms of entertainment for both kinds of tourists, the ones travelling on business and the ones seeking fun. After all, Warsaw is a very important… Continue Reading »

Warsaw for couples

Warsaw for couples – romantic side of the capital

Warsaw for couples – attractions Warsaw as the capital city of Poland had a lot to offer. There’s plenty of places related to business and corporate side of the city – think for example of huge business centres, corporate buildings, places for meetings, conferences and events. Then, there’s the side connected to food. After all,… Continue Reading »

Walk in the city

Walk in the city – what you should know

Walk in the city – is Warsaw a good place to walk There are various forms of sightseeing. You can take a bus and simply enjoy the sights from its window, you can have a guided bus tour around the most important city sites, you can move around using public transportation such as trams or… Continue Reading »

Museums in Warsaw

Museums in Warsaw – basic information

Warsaw history and contemporary times Warsaw is the capital city of Poland. As such it’s the house of Polish government and authorities, but its allure and attractiveness can’t be simply limited to these two facts. Warsaw has its own long history, which remnants you can still see all over the city, think of museums in… Continue Reading »