Warsaw Guide

Articles in this category will surely help you in finding yourself in a different, colorful culture of Poland and will tell you something about the atmosphere of the capital city itself – Warsaw is a very diverse, historically rich place and before you go there, you should know a little bit more about it.

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Walk around Warsaw

Are you going to visit Warsaw? If not, you should definitely consider it, book a flight and explore it. If you are about to do this, then let us take for a short but interesting walk around the city. Warsaw is capital of Poland, beautiful city with the long history. Warsaw is also one of… Continue Reading »

Warsaw Guide

Warsaw Guide – How to find the best place

How to find the best Warsaw Guide? If you are planning to travel to Warsaw, you will surely start with searching for knowledge about the capital of Poland and the country you are going to. Or at least you should, as knowing in which hotel you may stay and which restaurant you may eat in… Continue Reading »


Renting an apartment in Warsaw

Renting an apartment in Warsaw When you are a landlord and you wish to rent an apartment to a new tenant, you know you have to make at least a basic background check to see if that person is trustworthy enough to live in your precious apartment. It is not only about paying the rent… Continue Reading »


Buying an apartment in a big city

Buying an apartment in a big city Moving to a large city is a fresh start and a completely new chapter in your life. Usually you make such big step when you are relocating for a job opportunity or you decide to live with somebody significant for you. There are also other causes, like the… Continue Reading »

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Top 3 Museums in Warsaw

Warsaw is full of different museums that are directed at different audiences – you can be sure that every person will find a museum that will cater to his or hers specific tastes and not one Warsaw tourist will be left without a great place to visit in their free time. But there are three… Continue Reading »