Warsaw Public Transport – the basics

Warsaw Transport

Below you can find the basic tips for using public transportation in Warsaw. This section will be expanded. Index 1. Tickets Warsaw Tickets Warsaw Public Transport has an integrated ticket system, which means that you don’t have to buy separate tickets for different means of transport – one ticket is viable in metro, bus and… Continue Reading »

Places worth seeing – Ujazdow Castle

Places to see

Polish capital has a lot to offer when it comes to old architectural marvels – three distinct castles (and a couple of smaller ones) are the best examples of rich history of Warsaw. Out of those three castles, Ujazdow has the best vistas and is located in a very attractive neighborhood, in Warsaw’s Downtown (Srodmiescie),… Continue Reading »

Finding accomodation in Warsaw

Warsaw Accomodation

Finding a good accommodation  for a couple of days is not that hard in Warsaw – Poland’s capital has numerous different options for travelers, from cheap (but clean) hostels, through boutique hotels, ending with large known brands, such as Hilton or Marriott (the latter being one of the most noticeable parts of Warsaw’s skyline). In… Continue Reading »

Warsaw Guide – what you can find here?

Warsaw Guide

Our guide will show you the way around Warsaw – one of the fastest growing and one of the most interesting capitals in the world. What you’ll find here? Best routes to the most prominent and less known attractions The most popular historical locations worth visiting and the details of bookings, visiting hours etc. General… Continue Reading »

Royal Baths Park – a piece of excellence

Places to see

Royal Baths is one of the most distinct and the most recognizable places in Warsaw. It is also a place where history meets relax and art meets nature. This huge (76 ha!) park complex located in the representative centre of Warsaw in its well know, current state, was createdin 17th century for one of the… Continue Reading »