Copernicus Science Centre

Copernicus Science Centre – look up the stars


Copernicus Science Centre – what’s on

Warsaw has a lot of attractions. Everyone can find something for themselves. There is plenty of different kinds of museums and art galleries. You can choose here from historical museums, modern art galleries, but also museums of science and technology. One of the very interesting places, that is definitely worth your time is Copernicus Science Centre. Copernicus Science Centre started operating in 2010. Its origins and history is yet much longer and complicated. Just to make you curious, you should know that the idea of some kind of science centre, where you could do the experiments yourself, came to life in the late 90s. If you want to learn more just check the centre’s website for more detailed history or watch some interesting videos relating the story.

More to the point, you should definitely know what can you find in the centre. Generally, the centre is divided into few areas, each dedicated to different branch of science or way of learning or presenting knowledge. In Copernicus Science Centre there are various kinds of exhibitions, labs, workshop areas, planetarium and places dedicated to special projects. In the centre there are permanent exhibitions as well as temporary ones which change over time. Currently you can enjoy Sink or Sail temporary exhibitions about all kinds of curious facts or technology news related to water. If you want to learn why ships tend to sink within the so called Bermuda Triangle or how the whirlpools are formed, now it’s definitely the time for you to go and visit.

If exhibitions aren’t really your thing and you get bored easily, think of visiting one of the centre’s labs or attending dedicated workshop. In labs you can find robotics, biology, physics and chemistry lab. In each of them you conduct experiments yourself under the supervision of the centre’s specialists. You  can see how things we use on everyday basis work, what technology or science lies behind them and how it be effectively used in all areas of human activities. What’s interesting, in the centre you can book individual time in a given lab or have organsed group activities. The choice is yours. The same goes with workshop, you can have fro example family workshop in robotics lab.

Copernicus Science Centre – look up

Finally, if what you really want is to look up the sky visit planetarium. In planetarium you can look up and see the stars, but also learn more about the universe and its laws. If you want to find out, what’s really up there, is it chaos or order, beautiful or dull and cold definitely pay a visit in planetarium.