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The short overview of the most popular districts in Warsaw

Are you going to live in Warsaw but you are not sure which part of the city you should go for? Let us help you in making such difficult decision. At the beginning, there should be stressed that a few years ago, the Warsaw Center Statistic published the rank referring to the best zone in Warsaw to live. In total, Warsaw consists of 18 districts. The study conducted by the Warsaw Center Statistic was focused on the level of attractiveness of each district.

By attractiveness, there was understood not only attractive aspect for young couples but facilities for all age groups including singles, seniors and families with children. In general, the most attractive district was Śródmieście. However, as the most attractive part of the city for families with children Śródmieście district was chosen again. For the singles, the most attractive district was Mokotów, and Śródmieście was at the second place. Seniors have chosen Śródmieście and Ochota.

In short, the most popular districts in Warsaw which have been chosen by representatives of all age groups were Śródmieście, Mokotów, and Ochota. All three districts appeared in the first three places of the lists of most attractive residents of Warsaw. Because of this reason, we would like to describe you a little bit each of them. Firstly, let us present you Mokotów district, area which is very close to the most business part of the city. In addition, it is also well connected with other districts. Moreover, here there are located plenty of entertainment places like theatres, the largest skate rink in Warsaw, parks, restaurants and clubs. Because of all these reasons, Mokotów is the most attractive place to live for singles.

It is also the place chosen by very important diplomats or ambassador, what makes Mokotów full of elegant and luxury villas. The other the most popular district of Warsaw is Śródmieście – the heart of the city. Śródmieście is the home of the most important touristic attractions and cultural events. There is located the President’s residence and the Parliament house. Although it is much more expensive district than Mokotów, Śródmieście it is said to be the perfect location to live. Ochota is said to be the oldest and the most beautiful district in Warsaw.

Moreover, it was chosen as the most attractive district for seniors as there is a great access and big development of health institutions like pharmacies, hospitals and clinics. Although the ranking does not include such districts like Urysnów or Wilanów, they are also very popular and often chosen as the place to live. Ursynów is full of parks, located in the middle of the nature with a lot of blocks of flats available at reasonable prices. Wilanów is one of the most exclusive parts of the city, with parks, and public gardens. The only disadvantage of this district is its location as it is located quite far from the city center.

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