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Property market in Warsaw in 2015

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Trends on the property market in Warsaw in 2015.

Last year, the biggest number of apartments in Warsaw was bought not only on Mokotów district but very popular were also Wola, Bemowo, Bielany, Białoęka and Ursynów. Varsovians pay their special attention to three main factors: location, price and size. However, there should be stressed that location is the most important factor. Nowadays, the group which buys the most apartments includes young couples with their children. They are looking for districts where there are a lot of shops, kindergartens, schools, and which are well-communicated with the city center and the other parts of the city. Such locations are really valuable because they make life easier and more enjoyable.

When it comes to prices, the most expensive apartments are still available in Śródmieście district. The price for one square meter of the flat located in the city center is about PLN 10, 000. Apartments available in good prices are available in Białoęka and Praga Północ. Although those districts are quite far away from the city center, they are still really attractive. Another trend is that people are buying medium sized apartments with the surface between 35-50m². It refers not only to less affluent residents, but to those with high incomes as well.

Nowadays, people prefer flats surrounded by greenbelts to spacious and big apartments in the noisy city centre. However, some time ago, big apartments were targeted the most. Today, young people are also really interested in buying flats from the second market. If you cannot afford to buy newly built apartment, it does not mean that you have to buy a flat in the old townhouse, or in the block of flats erected in 70’s of 20th century. You can also buy a flat which is quite new like from the end of the 2000 year. Such flats are not only at good prices but also in modern designs and good conditions. The price per 1m² starts from PLN 4,800. However, there should be added that not all flats from the second market will be cheaper than those from the primary market.

Flats on the first and last floor are also becoming more and more popular. Previously, such flats were said to be the worst and thereby the cheapest. However, despite low prices, there were not so many prospective buyers for such properties. Nowadays, it has changed, and property developers attract customers and encourage them to buy apartment on the 1st and last floor by offering some extra facilities. For example, most 1st floor apartments are offered with piece of ground converted into the small garden. This is absolutely convenient solution for people who live in such a busy and big city as Warsaw. It is not only perfect during a summer or spring, but in general it is an extra area and therefore more space. Apartments located on the last floor are becoming more attractive thanks to the access to the roof which is also very often converted into the usable floor area. Functionality and more space made previously “the worst flats” into the best deals.