attractions in Warsaw

Warsaw attractions

Warsaw attractions – off the beaten track

Warsaw attractions – a curious tourist Warsaw has a lot to offer for people with all kinds of interests. If you’re into history and find all types of historical sites amazing and can’t resist the allure of historic museums you can be sure that Warsaw will provide for you. There are so many historic museums,… Continue Reading »

Warsaw attractions

Warsaw attractions – what to do

Warsaw attractions – outdoor places Warsaw as the capital city of Poland has a lot to offer. There are many attractions that visitors can choose from and enjoy. Apart from the obvious Warsaw attractions like the ones connected with its tragic history (Warsaw II World War sites or Warasaw Uprsing Musuem) tourists can find a… Continue Reading »

Warsaw attractions

Warsaw attractions – enjoy capital’s riches

Warsaw – city with double nature Warsaw, the capital of Poland is an amazing city. On the one hand it’s a city with troubled past and long history. To give you an idea just think that during II World War it was almost completely destroyed, and only later rebuilt. You can encounter its past almost… Continue Reading »