Unique Polish dishes

Unique Polish dishes – grab a bite of tradition


Unique Polish dishes – what’s on menu

Poland has a lot of attractions that make it a country truly worth visiting. You can find a lot of historical sites and monuments that show Poland’s rich history. You can also enjoy it’s beauty while visiting national parks, where you can enjoy getting in touch with intact nature. Yet, don’t forget about one of the most important pleasures you can have in life – that is about food. At first sight, Polish food may seem ordinary, heavy, fat and not to mention unhealthy. Still, if you take some time and allow yourself to give Polish food a real try you may be truly surprised how good it really is. Hence, forget for a while about fancy French dishes, Italian mouth-watering pastas and pizzas or modern day cuisine. Try out some of Polish dishes and discover new face of food.

Unique Polish dishes – grab a bite

There are quite a few unique Polish dishes. Their number isn’t only limited to traditionally mentioned the so called bigos (a Polish stew of cabbage) or dumplings. Whereas, these two are definitely tasty and deserve the prize still you need to think much broader and be bold when trying our new meals. One of very interesting idea of street food is the so called zapiekanka. It’s a special kind of toasted sandwich that’s traditionally topped with cheese, mushrooms and served with ketchup. Yet, there are some many different ingredients that you can put on the baguette that everyone can find something for themselves. Still, cheese is a must. But only imagine toasted baguette with cheese, mushrooms, spicy chickens strips an spinach. Is your mouth already watering?

If you feel like having something sweet try Polish doughnuts. They look differently than the American ones and come with many fillings. Traditionally, you can have doughnuts with rose or strawberry jam filling coated with powder sugar. Still, there are so many different possible fillings and toppings of these tasty buns that everyone that has a sweet tooth will be surely satisfied. Just find a bakery and take your pick, you won’t be disappointed.