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Warsaw housing market – what you should know

Warsaw is known to be rich and well-developed Polish city. Because of these reasons, the capital and the largest city of Poland is also perfect place to invest money. A lot of people, who dream about making successful career, are heading to Warsaw. One of the best investments which will always be profitable is buying a property. Thanks to having own apartment or house, we are financially secured. In addition, even if we are abroad or in other city and our flats are being rented, we can always come back, our home is waiting for us. No matter which city we opt for, we should strive for having our “place”. However, Warsaw is said to be not only capital of Poland, but also of Polish business. Because of these reasons, prices and demanded for properties in Warsaw will be always high. Now, let us look at the biggest Polish housing market: difference between costs of purchasing apartments in the secondary and primary markets. We will also see what new estates are being build and what prices we should pay for new apartments.

At the beginning, there should be outlined that properties from the secondary market are less costly than those from the primary market. The prices of properties from the secondary market, in almost all parts of the city are quite similar excepting estates like Targówek, Ursus, Bielany and Praga. Building plots of these estates are lower; consequently, apartments are cheaper as well. Buying a property, in the first place, customers pay their attention to localization; everyone wants to live within reach of the city center. Warsaw is not only the biggest city in Poland, but it also the second European gridlocked city. Because of these reasons, Warsaw residents really value localization, but the price also plays the key role. Those who cannot afford to buy an apartment in the most attractive part of the city are forced to find something at prices matched to their financial capabilities.

Warsaw developers use a large number of marketing tools encouraging customers to purchase newly built apartments. Accorindg to report on domy.pl, the most popular Warsaw estates are Mokotów, Śródmieście and Ursynów, while the least attractive localization for Warsaw residents are Targówek, Włochy, Praga Północ, Wesoła and Rembertów. As far as the number of newly built apartments is concerned, the first place in this rank is occupied by Wola estate, which overtook the previous leader Białołęka estate. The reasons of increasing popularity of Wola are low prices of the ground, road infrastructure and a large number of schools and kindergartens. Prices of apartments built in this estate is between PLN 5,7000-9,000 per square meter. Aforementioned factors are important to young couples with children, which are now a group of customers the most interested in buying apartments. Although Wola is the estate of the largest number of new building investments, a large number of new apartments are also built in Białołęka, Mokotów and Praga Poułdnie.