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A hotel fit for a delegation in Warsaw

Warsaw Accomodation

Companies that aim to establish new business contacts should strive to continuously participate in meetings, fairs, conventions or conferences within their industry. These usually take place in large cities, adapted to receive numerous national and international guests. Cities have greater communication range, and airport is usually at hand.

A variety of such events are held in Warsaw. The Polish capital offers many opportunities for companies to develop, grow, talk business and make new connections. In addition, the city is a fantastic accommodation base, prepared to receive numerous delegates and host even more delegations. So, those who travel alone, or in organised groups, will easily find a hotel fit for a delegation in Warsaw.

A business trip to Warsaw and the importance of the hotel’s location:

Regardless of whether the business trip is taken by the company owner, manager, CEO, director or a group of subordinate employees, a hotel during your Warsaw business trip should be located fairly close to where the business meetings are scheduled. But even if these congregations take place across the city, opting for accommodation in the city centre will be the wisest choice. Here’s why:

A hotel in the centre of Warsaw is ideal due to convenient public transport connections. The close proximity of the train station (now called Dworzec Centralny Stanisław Moniuszko), is a valid point to consider. The trams, metro, Uber – it’s all available in the city centre and access is swift, with little to no waiting time. Moreover, the people who stay in hotels found in the central part of the city won’t have a problem with quickly reaching the Chopin Airport.

Integration, comfort and convenience is a big deal during a business trip. After business-talk is concluded, the employees need to ‘let off some steam’ as the saying goes. That’s why being in Warsaw city centre is crucial. You can easily escape from the work mindset by indulging in local Polish cuisine when visiting a multitude of restaurants and bars. In the evening the group can be entertained at dance clubs, or simply enjoy the night life by crawling through numerous Polish bars and pubs, best of which – with the finest atmosphere – are located in city centre.

Speaking of integration – when participating in a business trip involving many employees, it’s usually vital to recreate the conditions in which the team is able to fully relax. It’s good for people to sit together by a dining table or even cook together; or lounge on the couch and watch TV. That’s why opting for apartments is always a wise choice. After all, 4, 5, 6 people shouldn’t be confined to one hotel room with a single bed, little to no seats and no table to eat, drink or continue discussions. An organised group requires facilities that simulate the homely/office-based environment. But more on this below:

A delegation in Warsaw – hotel room or apartment?

All employees on an important business trip should be provided with the best environment for work and rest. They need to quickly switch from one or the other – flump on a bed, put the feet up by the couch and next minute crack on with work by a spacious desk. Remember that staying in the city centre doesn’t mean you need to restrict yourself to standard, basic and compact hotel rooms. Residence St. Andrews’s Palace, located in the Warsaw city centre offers full apartment accommodation that will replicate a home/office environment. The employee, or a group will be free to make themselves comfortable – after all, our apartments are adapted to any activity.

The hotel apartments provide a high level of serenity. They’re spacious, elegantly furnished and as we mentioned above, the apartments yield possibilities for work and rest. Thanks to the cosy, functional furniture, it’s possible to use our desks or couches to sit by your laptop, write notes with pen in hand or plan your upcoming conference. On the other side of the spectrum, you can take a break by cooking yourself a delicious meal using the well-equipped kitchen or simply browse Netflix in bed.

Those who need to spend a longer time in Warsaw during their business trip e.g. when securing new investments, or taking command of one of the company branches scattered throughout the city, will certainly appreciate a hotel apartment. The degree of privacy, comfort and tranquillity in our hotel apartments is truly unmatched.

Remember – while for most people spending a few days in a single hotel room won’t be problematic, when it comes to long-term stays, being constrained to a single, tiny room, half-filled with bed, and little to no daily-life accessories, can become tedious and claustrophobic. This is the opposite to our apartments, which are equipped with appliances and accessories that facilitate long-term stays: a washing machine, laundry detergents, clothes dryer, hairdryer, ironing boards and above all a fully-equipped kitchen and a snug, enjoyable and open living space brimming with reposeful atmosphere.

The best hotel fit for delegation in Warsaw – the convenience of business services

A hotel that receives guests on business trips should provide free Internet access, but especially its reliability. There’s nothing more irksome than slow or low-signal internet. Thankfully, our apartents cover it all. Not to mention extra business services, such as the ability to fax, copy you documents, print files, secretarial services, or even ordering a wake-up call / taxi or organising a transport to the airport. In addition, some hotels, like ours, can grant their customers a small meeting room.