Warsaw Transport

Public transport in Warsaw is not complicated, nevertheless if you’re not the resident of the city, you might find it difficult at first to use it effeciently. Our Warsaw transportation guide will explain the ticket system and provide tips on using Metro, Buses, Trams, Trains and other means of travelling through the city.

Visit Warsaw Airport

Getting to Warsaw by Plane

If you are planning to stay in Warsaw, it is logical to first consider the mode of transport you will use to get there of course. Below you will find detailed information regarding getting to and from Warsaw. Warsaw Airports Getting to Warsaw by plane is the most convenient way to visit the capital city… Continue Reading »

Warsaw Public Transport – the basics

Below you can find the basic tips for using public transportation in Warsaw. This section will be expanded. Index 1. Tickets Warsaw Tickets Warsaw Public Transport has an integrated ticket system, which means that you don’t have to buy separate tickets for different means of transport – one ticket is viable in metro, bus and… Continue Reading »