Extended stay in Warsaw

extended stay Warsaw

If you’re on a longer business trip, you’ve just been relocated to Warsaw or you simply plan to stay here a while longer, we’ve prepared a section where you can find some good deals on extended stay. We will try to find the best apartments in Warsaw that will become your home away from home.

Where to look for extended stay offers in Warsaw?

There are basically two options available for those who search for long term sleeping location in Polish capital – private apartments for rent and hotel apartments available for extended stay. Both have their pros and cons, of course:

Private apartments for rent in Warsaw:

These are not strictly controlled and their quality vary greatly, even in one building or apartment complex – you can encounter great spaces for a fair price, but more often you will find yourself in a small room with little to no amenities and a price that could give you a penthouse in a Dubai Prince’s palace. We exaggerate a bit of course, but before you decide on private apartment for extended stay, you have to browse through countless offers and visit all the locations yourself before you move in. But, if you have a little bit of luck an patience, you will find a great place to stay in Warsaw for a great price that will become your new home for a couple of months.


Warsaw Hotels that offer extended stay apartments:

It is a viable option, although it’s usually more expensive than finding a privately owned apartment. Fortunately, the price is the only con in this case, as hotels are under a strict control by the authorities who make sure that the living conditions in them fulfil all of the requirements – thus if you find an offer for an extended stay in a four star hotel, you can be certain that the service for extended stay guests will be a four star quality, not a notch lower. Furthermore, extended stay brings a lot of discounts – the longer you stay, the less you pay, which may amortize the expenses a bit. Extended stay hotels are a great option for those who got a little more budget for relocation or for those who simply can afford it.

Boutique Hotels in Warsaw

Boutique hotels gain notability on the cultural and tourist map in the whole world and Warsaw has joined the club that gathers cities with the best boutique hotels around. What’s more, of the boutique hotels in Warsaw offer extended stay for fair prices. If you wish to browse through some of the best boutique hotels in Warsaw, check the provided link. We can safely recommend a couple of those appearing on the above list, including: