Places to see

Like every guide, we also have a section that will show you the best places to visit during your stay in Warsaw.

autumn in the capital

Autumn in the city – top attractions in Warsaw

The colours of autumn Autumn is a very beautiful season of the year, especially in Poland where everything turns red and orange. The colours of autumn in Poland are mostly associated with leaves turning red, orange and brown – therefore autumn’s popular colours are various shades of red, orange, yellow or brown. They are all… Continue Reading »

visiting museums

Visiting museums – Warsaw’s history relived

Visiting museums – choices The capital city of Poland is a beautiful  place with a lot of  interesting nooks and corners. The city vibe and atmosphere is really powerful and can make a huge impression on any visitor. There’s actually no surprise that Warsaw is so packed with foreign and domestic visitors travelling on different… Continue Reading »

Museums in Warsaw

Museums in Warsaw – basic information

Warsaw history and contemporary times Warsaw is the capital city of Poland. As such it’s the house of Polish government and authorities, but its allure and attractiveness can’t be simply limited to these two facts. Warsaw has its own long history, which remnants you can still see all over the city, think of museums in… Continue Reading »

German death camps

German death camps – historical sites

Why historical sites draw visitors The world is filled with historical sites. They inevitably draw visitors and tourists and every year there are millions of people all over the world traveling with only one goal in mind – that is to see a given historical site which served as an arena of ground-breaking events from… Continue Reading »

Visit in Poland

Visit in Poland – why it’s worth your time

Poland attractions – must see and key facts Poland is a really amazing country, where tourists can find both pure nature, modern city vibes and history. No matter the purpose of your visit you can be sure to find something suitable to your needs and taste. Still, when planning your visit in Poland it’s always… Continue Reading »