Warsaw Accomodation

Accomodation section of our Warsaw Guide will tell you what to look for in an apartment or a hotel in Warsaw – comfort is of course a big factor, but there are other things you should know about Warsaw’s accomodation options. We will try to guide you through the best hotels in the city and search for places that will be ideal for you.

delegation in Warsaw

A hotel fit for a delegation in Warsaw

Companies that aim to establish new business contacts should strive to continuously participate in meetings, fairs, conventions or conferences within their industry. These usually take place in large cities, adapted to receive numerous national and international guests. Cities have greater communication range, and airport is usually at hand. A variety of such events are held… Continue Reading »

Warsaw attractions

Warsaw attractions – off the beaten track

Warsaw attractions – a curious tourist Warsaw has a lot to offer for people with all kinds of interests. If you’re into history and find all types of historical sites amazing and can’t resist the allure of historic museums you can be sure that Warsaw will provide for you. There are so many historic museums,… Continue Reading »

Warsaw attractions

Warsaw attractions – enjoy capital’s riches

Warsaw – city with double nature Warsaw, the capital of Poland is an amazing city. On the one hand it’s a city with troubled past and long history. To give you an idea just think that during II World War it was almost completely destroyed, and only later rebuilt. You can encounter its past almost… Continue Reading »

Apartments for rent – Warsaw

Apartments in Warsaw for rent No matter if you are going to spend a weekend in Warsaw, or you just pay a short two-day visit for business purposes, you need an accommodation. Probably, most of any visitors consider where they should book their room: in hotel or in hostel. Of course, if you value privacy… Continue Reading »

buying an apartment

Buying an apartment – where to buy?

Buying an apartment? The best housing can sometimes hide itself in the plain sight. This is mainly because we are not always aware what is good and the best for our family. In addition, you need to know a thing or two about the size of the property and suit the expectations when it comes… Continue Reading »