Hotels in Warsaw City Centre

On this page you can find our recommendations for accommodation in the heart of Warsaw with appropriate links and short reviews – no matter who you are and how long you’re planning to stay, you’ll surely find a hotel or an apartment that will suit your needs.

The best hotels in Warsaw city centre

Our subjective list of the best places to stay in Warsaw

  1. Polonia Palace Hotel

    Centuries old tradition, top-level customer service, complete luxury. Polonia gives you the best the city has to offer, it is very close to the Warsaw city centre and offers a truly royal experience.

  2. polonia warsaw

Residence St. Andrew’s

Probably the closest to the Warsaw’s centre, St. Andrew’s offers a quiet, homely atmosphere just by the most populous part of the city. Small, luxurious and with high-quality service, it’s a great option for those who value smaller hotels.

residence st. andrews

Marriott Warsaw

Well-known chain hotel that offers all services the company is known for. Additionally, Marriott is based in one of the tallest buildings in Warsaw and offers great conference rooms. It is especially great for large conventions and business meetings.

marriott warsaw