Big city life

Big city life – pros and cons

Big city life – pros Living in a big city has a lot of positive aspects. Although, it’s not only about good things it’s definitely a great experience. Think for example of the following things: easy access to public services, to knowledge and healthcare among the most important ones, possibility to enjoy various sides of… Continue Reading »

Warsaw tips

Warsaw tips – where to eat and what to do

Warsaw for tourists – attractions Warsaw as the capital city has plenty of things to offer. There’s a huge number of attractions that offer various kinds of entertainment for all visitors. In order to fully understand Warsaw’s potential it’s best to know what type of visitors come to the capital. In case of Warsaw there’s… Continue Reading »

Top Warsaw hotels

Top Warsaw hotels – how to choose

What are top Warsaw hotels qualities Warsaw as the capital city has a lot to offer when it comes to accommodation. There are various types of tourists lodgings, consider for example such places as: hotel chains, independent brands, hostels, guests houses, other types of private accommodation and many others. Depending on your individual needs and… Continue Reading »

Warsaw greenery

Warsaw greenery – a sight for sore eyes

Warsaw greenery – parks and fields Warsaw as a capital city is vibrant with life. Busy streets, crowded cafes and restaurants bustling with life are normal sights. When hearing Warsaw many people tend to imagine exactly these things. Yet, truth be told there’s plenty of quiet and peaceful places in Warsaw when it’s possible to… Continue Reading »

Pedestrian zones

Pedestrian zones – Warsaw for walks

What is a pedestrian zone Living in big cities can be complicated and overwhelming. With all the traffic and noise it’s sometimes really difficult to move around and enjoy actual city life and its vibe. Therefore, it’s only natural that areas of cities are carefully designed and there’s plenty of various zones dedicated to variety… Continue Reading »