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Apartments in Warsaw for rent

No matter if you are going to spend a weekend in Warsaw, or you just pay a short two-day visit for business purposes, you need an accommodation. Probably, most of any visitors consider where they should book their room: in hotel or in hostel. Of course, if you value privacy and luxury, then you should opt for hotel.

Nevertheless, hotel rooms are really expensive, so not everyone can afford to book them. Being on a limited budget, better option could be a hostel, but there privacy and quiet are unattainable: usually, at least four people in one room, bathrooms and toilets to share. That does not sound good, especially, if you need some rest, sleep or place to work. That is why, the best option for you could be renting an apartment which are said to be a happy medium between a hotel and a hostel.

The hotel trade has been revolutionized by this very popular option of accommodation. If you need a place for only for you or two people, you can book a studio flat. If you come with bigger group and more space is needed, there is also possible to rent a 2 or 3 bedrooms apartment. Of course, it depends on how long you are going to stay – it might be 1 night or the whole week.

The best advantage of such apartments is high standard as most of them they are really comfortable and equipped with various facilities like air conditioning, the Internet access or TV. There also are offered some extra facilities for families with children: cots, booster chairs. In most apartments, there are free of charge car parks designated for their guests.

Additionally, not only in hotels or hostels you may be provided with the reception service, but also in a lot of Warsaw apartments work receptionist who are willing to will help you anytime you need it. Apartments’ landlords, who decide on running such business, provide their customers with the high-tech designed interiors. Staying in such place, guests may feel as if they were in three stars hotel, but for much more reasonable price.

Obviously, there are a large number of such apartments in the city center, but if you need to stay in other part of the city, even in the suburbs, without any problems you can find an apartment as well. Those guest who prefer accommodation with breakfast, will be satisfied as well. More and more apartments offer their guests breakfasts. There must be added, that before you book your apartment you should thoroughly check what can guests be provided with.

Not all of available apartments have equal standards. As it has been already mention, the rental prices are quite low. Considering privacy, great localization and luxury interiors cost of stay in apartments are even cheap comparing to a room in a hotel. For example, rental of a big and comfortable apartment in the city center for four costs about PLN 200 – 300 per night, depending on the season and apartment’s occupancy. For double standard room in the 2-star hotel you would be charged about PLN 550. Prices for bed in hostels are varied and oscillated between PLN 40 (room for 6) and PLN 150 (single room).