Autumn in the capital

Autumn in the capital – where’s the fun

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Autumn in the capital – Warsaw attractions

Warsaw has plenty of attractions. There are many various kinds of museums, art galleries, exhibitions (including interactive ones) and plenty of recreational places, both outdoors and indoors. No matter your interest or passions you can certainly find something for yourself. Interestingly, price range allows to choose something suitable for everyone, there are choices for tourists travelling on a limited budget or for business people with high company allowance. Unfortunately, during autumn many people, both tourists and capital’s permanent residents tend to forget about Warsaw attractions. Yet, autumn in the capital has still a lot to offer. After all, there’s no magic trick that makes all the places of entertainment suddenly disappear or go under cover.

Autumn in Warsaw

Autumn in the capital doesn’t have to be different than the summer, when there’s plenty of attractions prepared for tourists. The questions is, what can you do during autumn in the capital? First of all, remember that autumn is the beginning of new theatre season. After all, autumn is known for theatres to be the most active and preoccupied with plays and happenings. But, that’s not the end. Autumn as the start of school and university’s education terms is also interesting in all kinds of educational or scientific places, think of the Warsaw Rising Museum or the Copernicus Center. There’s plenty of action going on in autumn. Still not satisfied, what else can you do during autumn in the capital?

Autumn in the capital – what you need to know

Try to keep in mind that Polish autumn doesn’t have to be gloomy, dark and dull. After all, there’s a reason for the famous phrase Polish golden autumn, and it’s not limited to nature or national parks. You can fully enjoy autumn’s beauty and kaleidoscope of colours while being in the capital. Just think of parks, botanical gardens and all the greenery you can easily find all over Warsaw districts. You don’t even need to go outside city limits to enjoy last sunny days and bask in the sunrays. Warsaw in autumn is definitely worth visiting.