City tour

City tour – discover your city with a guide


City tour – possibilities

People live in the countrysides, town or cities. Whereas it’s rather easy to know the story of small villages where everybody knows everybody it can be difficult to know the past and stories of bigger towns or cities. Villagers usually don’t move so much and the generation pass information to their children, town and city dwellers are detached from this kind of information and therefore detached from the history and legend of their places of living. This can be really sad and depressing, after all we all have ancestors who tried hard to make our today’s world a better place. Hence, it’s good to create places where people can commemorate the past, remember the heroes and big events but also smaller and seemingly unimportant stories and gossips.

City museums, cemeteries or other places or memory are really good possibilities. City tour can take many forms. It can be organized for big or small groups or individual person. It can be highly formalized and follow specific routes or take a form of a relaxing walk through the city with many stops in the streets cafes. The form can vary but one thing is certain. To have a proper city tour you need a person who walks  you through it and tells you the most important stories. And this can’t be just a person who knows something, this must be someone you can trust who can provide you with valuable information and help you discover the story behind the city. You need a city guide.

City tour – discover your city

Discovering your city with a city guide is a real adventure. On such a trip you can learn a lot of things from your city past and from the past of its residents. But that’s not all. When visiting historical sites you can see how the city changes throughout the history and how it looks now. Discover the new face of history as it develops right now in front of your eyes. After all, city is a living organism which doesn’t stop or rests. Every day is an adventure and with city guide this can be the best adventure of your life. So choose the city and possible routes, royal, historical, rural etc. and let the joy take you.