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Where you should drink coffee in Warsaw

Most of us love coffee, and all coffee lovers visiting Warsaw tourists should be advised where to find the most original and great cafés in Warsaw. However, we have no intention of recommendation the most famous and the most expensive ones located in the old town, but it is quite the opposite. We would like to present you some cozy, lovely and original cafes where you can not only drink amazing coffee, but also rest and chill out after the long hours of doing sightseeing. Some places presented in our article might have been not discovered even by the locals, so you can be first!

The first is Chimney Cake Café located at Jasnodworska Street in Żoliborz district. This is really charming place and the only one where you can try the Hungarian traditional cake Chimney Cake, baked in the special furnace and made from only natural ingredients. Coconut, vanilla or cinnamon Chimney Cake perfectly goes with delicious and aromatic coffee served in Chimney Cake. Another place worth our recommendation is café-club “Tam i z powrotem” located at Odyńca Street. This café is famous not only for serving great fresh ground coffee, but also delicious slow food breakfasts, lunches, and evening snacks. You will also find there sessional menu, which means that you will be served only with fresh and natural food. During hot days and evening, you should try cold local beer. In “Tam i z powrotem” there are two rooms and the yard café, so one of these places undoubtedly will meet your needs.

Another place you should visit is “Sklep z goframi” (Waffles Shop) at Bartoszewicza Street. Maybe the name does not sound originally, but this is exactly the biggest surprise about this café. You will not only eat there sweet waffles with fruits and whipped cream, but also salty waffles! Some of you have probably never tried such unusual variants; however, they are absolutely amazing. The wholegrain waffles with rocket, fried egg, gorgonzola and hollandaise – very original and tasteful meal for lunch or breakfast. Moreover, you cannot miss freshly ground local coffee which is served in this cozy place.
We would also pay your special attention to café N23 at Narbutta 23. The letter “N” in the name is the first letter of the street at which N23 is located. The owners have another café called F39 at Francuska Street, really nice idea. Once you enter N23, you will see this great atmosphere and the lovely smell of fresh and delicious coffee, which you can drink with homemade cakes. It is also perfect place for eating healthy breakfast: porridge, toasties, muesli, or sandwiches.

If you want to feel the real Polish atmosphere from 60’s, you should come to café-club “Mam ochotę” (I will/I fancy) at Grójecka Street. “Mam ochotę” is famous for its unique indoor design. It is furnished with old-school staff and gadgets what will allow you to step back in time. You will try there delicious coffee, tea and homemade sweet or salty cakes as well. In the evening, come here to drink a beer and listen to interesting musical concerts and jam sessions.