Domestic tourists

Domestic tourists – capital city of Poland


Is Warsaw interesting for domestic tourists

Warsaw as the capital city of Poland and its biggest city is definitely interesting to visit for foreign tourists and business people. After all, Warsaw has a long and interesting history and plenty of sites where tourists can re-live this troubled, but still exciting past. It’s also a paradise for businessmen who are travelling on behalf of their companies, but still want to enjoy beauty and energy of big city life. Warsaw provides this easily. Therefore, it’s not unusual to see many foreign visitors wandering Warsaw’s streets. Both during day and at night foreign tourists are  visiting restaurants and clubs.

vacationWhat about domestic tourists, do they find Warsaw interesting as well? Whereas, it’s easily understandable that foreign visitors like Warsaw and fall in love with this city (think of competitive prices, cosmopolitan atmosphere, world cuisine and multiplicity of events constantly going on) it may be a little more difficult to see why domestic tourists see the capital as interesting and exciting place to visit as well. Of course, one reasons for such popularity is the fact that Warsaw is the capital city and houses Polish government – in itself it’s a reason enough to see for many domestic visitors. What about other reasons of Warsaw continuous popularity?

Domestic tourists – their choices

Domestic tourists enjoy visiting the capital for many other reasons than the ones connected with politics and current history. Warsaw’s popularity stems from its troubled past, domestic visitors are still interested in the past and are well aware how it shapes their present. Think for example of multiplicity of Warsaw’s historical sites that you can easily encounter almost on every corner or consider the abundance of historical museums and memorials. There’s plenty o them and they enjoy great popularity. For example, Warsaw Rising Museum is one of top choices of both foreign and domestic tourists.

Another reason behind Warsaw’s undiminished popularity among domestic tourists is its inner energy and lifestyle. When walking busy streets of the capital you can easily feel it yourself – Warsaw is filled with life that’s bursting with power and joy. Just walk its streets to enjoy this ongoing flow of life and try to draw on its inner energy. Domestic tourists feel this liveliness and come to see and feel it for themselves. Finally, let’s not forget about cuisine. In Warsaw you can enjoy both traditional Polish cuisine and modern cosmopolitan food from all over the world. The choice between these two for domestic tourists especially, isn’t’ an easy one.