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Foreign visitors in Warsaw

Warsaw is the capital city of Poland and as such always draws attention of both foreign and national visitors. Moreover, it’s got quite a history which is both highly troubled and dramatic (think of World Wars) and also victorious (unrelentless power of Polish nation expressed for example during the Warsaw Rising in 1944.) Troubled history and its remnants, which are spread all over the city, make Warsaw an unusual place that’s definitely worth visiting. Therefore, there’s really no surprise that foreign and domestic visitors both find the city so attractive. What can you actually do in Warsaw and what places are its best attractions?

Warsaw is a multifaced city. On the hand, there’s plenty of historical sites and museums dedicated to the past. Think of extremely popular Warsaw Rising museum, the National Warsaw Museum and historic tenement houses that survived war’s destruction. Then, on the other hand there’s plenty of much more modern and contemporary attractions that draw foreign visitors and Warsaw citizens both. Think of such places as contemporary cuisine restaurants and cafes offering menus from all over the world or consider contemporary art galleries and museums which are devoted to science, modern art and many other things. There’s plenty to do, try and eat in Warsaw.

Yet, the question remains – what’s the most popular Warsaw attraction among foreign visitors? What do foreign visitors find especially attractive and enjoyable? Of course, every year there’s plenty of research going on about top Warsaw attractions among foreign visitors. Each years there are slight changes – yet one place remains the same. It’s the Old Market Place that’s particularly interesting for foreign tourists and businessmen. What are the reasons behinds Old Market’s spectacular popularity?

What’s best

Old Market is so highly popular among foreign visitors for two reasons. First one refers to the fact that Old Market is actually old and filled with some remnants of the past and historical sites. It’s therefore attractive because it’s historical and you can easily trace the city’s past while walking the streets of Old Market. The second reason refers to the fact that the Old Market is also full of small and atmospheric cafes, restaurants and bistros. Such abundance of cafes and restaurants makes the Old market vibrant with life and bustling with energy. The final outcome is therefore pretty overwhelming – on the one side there’s the solemn silence of historic sites (very often filled with bloodshed0 and on the other side there’s the vibe of ongoing energy and life. It’s this strange mixture that draws foreign visitors.