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Why historical sites draw visitors

The world is filled with historical sites. They inevitably draw visitors and tourists and every year there are millions of people all over the world traveling with only one goal in mind – that is to see a given historical site which served as an arena of ground-breaking events from the past. What draws people to such places, which what’s interesting, aren’t only places of glory and laudable events, but such as German death camps are also places of terror and bloodshed?

It’s definitely not easy to answer such a question. The safest way just for all is to say that historical sites are visited for various reasons. The main ones are for example: the need to feel the past and relive it in the present, the irresistible urge to take part in something grand, to need to walk on the same street or see or touch some elements of historical past and many others. Basically, all these reasons can be summed up as relating to emotions and experience. These are the things that stand behind even the most dramatic places such as German death camps or other places of terror.

German death camps

In case of German death camps it’s particularly interesting to dig deeper into the reasons why people still decide to visit them. In order to understand the weight of this question and to answer it fully it’s best to know what German death camps are and where you can actually find them. It’s particularly interesting since although there’s an adjective German in the phrase German death camps are spread on various geographical areas that in the past belonged to or were controlled by Germany.

Today you can find German death camps not only in Germany, but also in Poland and other East European countries. There is plenty of various types of death camps – like concentration or labour camps. Still, there were created with one goal – to carry out bestial orders of the Third Reich, to enslave innocent people, force to heavy work and exterminate. They were all created by German administrative and functioned over various periods of time. Although, there’s a lot of controversies around the topic one thing is certain – death camps were created to humiliate people.

Knowing the basic facts about German death camps it’s still not easy to understand why people would like to see such terrific places like Auschwitz labour camp. It’s best to say they visit such places to remember, and the goals of such harsh remembrance are to avoid such dramatic events to be repeated and to honour the sufferings of people who died there.