Historical sites

Historical sites – enjoy the travel back in time


Historical sites – Warsaw past

Warsaw is a truly interesting city. No wonder that each year more and more tourists decide to visit it. Interestingly, more and more people decide to come to Warsaw not only for business and then just fill their time with some sightseeing, but also strictly for pleasure and enjoyment of its wonderful sights and multiple attractions. Warsaw is a city with two faces that definitely has plenty to offer both for national visitors and foreigners. On the one hand, it’s really modern city and on the other quite historical. What can you encounter while facing these Warsaw two aspects?

When looking for modern you can find plenty of museums and art galleries exhibiting modern day art and trends. Then you can also enjoy variety of events, concerts, shows and performances taking place in various modern Warsaw locations. Interestingly, the locations themselves, state-of-the-art modern day buildings are true exemplifications of modern art and approach to architecture. Then, there are many restaurants and cafes offering modern cuisine, fusion meals and meals from all over the world. It’s enough just to pick one and immerse yourself in the city life.

What about historical sites? Warsaw has plenty of them scattered all over the capital. Some are truly well preserved with buildings remembering the second World War, and others are just hints of the past, remnants almost completely devoid of substance. There you can only enjoy the whiffs of the pasts as there aren’t any tangible things you can touch. Yet, don’t despair, if you prefer something more substantial you can visit one of many historical museums and see the past as it unfolds in front of your eyes while watching one of multimedia videos or presentations.

Historical sites – modern entangled with long gone past

Interestingly, historical sites in Warsaw are very often located in places that swarm with modern hectic life. Quiet calm and peacefulness of long forgotten times is surrounded by energetic vibe of everyday city life. There are cafes busy with tourists drinking their coffee and chatting in a variety of languages next to historical paths of the Warsaw Uprising. There are modern day restaurant with fancy cuisine just on the corner of second World War tenement. Take your time and enjoy the walk keeping all this in mind.