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Warsaw Transport

If you are planning to stay in Warsaw, it is logical to first consider the mode of transport you will use to get there of course. Below you will find detailed information regarding getting to and from Warsaw.

Warsaw Airports

Getting to Warsaw by plane is the most convenient way to visit the capital city of Poland for all foreign visitors, especially now, when two airports are operational.

Warszawa Okecie will probably be your destination if you are planning to visit Warsaw and you’re coming from another country. There are dozens of international flights scheduled on this biggest of Polish airports and no matter where you come from, the first sight you’ll witness coming to Poland is the renovated, modern terminal of Warsaw Chopin Airport (it’s official name, while the airline designation is simply WAW).

From here, you’ll be able to get to the Warsaw city center using public transport – conveniently located bus stop and taxi stop are right by the exit, while a special train connection was established not long ago and is also easily available.

Modlin is a recently opened secondary Warsaw airport for budget airlines – if you’re travelling using the services of Ryanair or Wizzair, you’ll land near Warsaw – while Okecie was built, it was in the outskirts, but today it is almost in the city center and Modlin became the “suburb” airport. The airport (officially designated as WMI) offers a convenient transportation to the city itself and you shouldn’t be affected by its distance from Warsaw.