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Interesting places in Warsaw

Places to see

If you are going to stay in Warsaw longer than only three days, or it is not your first time in this city, and you are familiar with the old town, the Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw Rising Museum or Copernicus Science Centre, then it is a perfect moment to do or see something less popular and this this article is right for you.

One of something absolutely amazing but requires a little bit courage is ballooning. You can find this attraction near to the National Stadium, which in parenthesis, is also worth seeing, especially after dark. Ballooning costs only PLN 40, and it is extraordinary way to see and thereby admire the panorama of Warsaw, because views are absolutely amazing.

Next attraction, which also gives you a possibility to be above the ground, is the Warsaw University Library Gardens. The most important thing is its location, why? The garden is located on the roof! There should be underlined that it is one of the most beautiful and largest European roof gardens. That is a fantastic experience to admire not only a wide range of plants above the Earth, but also really beautiful views on the city.

The other proposal is still stuck to the heights, but in this case, it is only recommended to bravepeople who are real funs of extreme sports and adrenaline. If this description is about you, then you should definitely try bungee jump from the tower of 90 meters height. Bungee jumping tower is located in Moczydło Park, the place wheretourists with less extreme preferences have a possibility of swimming, sunbathing, cycling and doing other sports as well. Moczydło Park is not a typical park or garden, but is known as a perfect place for all funs of all forms of activity. There are a large number of facilities as the swimming pool, water slides, and various playing fields, which allows everyone to spend a free time in a pleasure and enjoyable way.

Moreover, you cannot miss the opportunity to spend some time by the river Wisła, next toPoniatowski Bridge. There are not only beaches, where you can sunbathe, relax and take a use of hot and sunny weather. This is a place where a lot of young people spend not only their summer days but also evenings. During a day, you can go there play volleyball, and in the evening take part in a great beach party and have some food. Probably, you will be unable to find any information about such magic place in any guidebook. Because of this reason, there are not so many tourists there, food and drink prices are very reasonable. The other advantage of such “not touristic” character of this beach, is fact that you can spend time with Native Polish people, learn about their culture, and have a fun with them, as they are realfun-loving. The last point in our list of recommended places is FrancuzkaStreet:  well-known amongresidents of Warsaw, but not amongtravelers. Francuzka Street is said to be the street of artists. In this street there are a lot of vibrant cafes and restaurants where you can eat something but also you can take part in some cultural events.