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Warsaw as the capital city of Poland has a lot to offer. There is plenty of things to do. Depending on your personal interest you can choose from historical attractions, modern day fashions or relaxing moments with nature. These are just a few of many possibilities. Warsaw is a modern day city with a complicated history that is definitely worth to know and pursue. There are many historical sites throughout the city where the past is respectfully commemorated and remembered. There are places of memory connected with the tragic history of II World War, Warsaw Uprising in 1944 or troubled times of Polish People’s Republic. You can also hire a guide and walk the historical route with experienced professional who can tell you stories from the historical past and more. Although, modern face of city with its buzz and hectic life seems to cover all the traces of the past it’s really not like that.

One of the specific example of Polish history still visible in Warsaw is the history of Jews. Jews have long lived in Poland and have lived through both prosperous and dramatic times. One of the most remembered are the times of II World War where Jews underwent one of the biggest tragedies in life of the nation. Warsaw has a lot of places dedicated to the memory of Jewish people. There are many museums, cemeteries and places that commemorate their history. It doesn’t surprise since Jews have been a huge group in Warsaw and played a really important role in the city life. Interestingly, more and more people are becoming interested in their history and feel the need to learn more. Warsaw has a lot to offer for historically oriented people.

Jewish museum – offer

One of the places that is a must when visiting Warsaw is Jewish museum. Warsaw has a few Jewish museum or places where Jewish history plays a huge part. They are all worth visiting and learning. Most of them offer multimedia exhibitions where you can watch videos, see photos or interactive displays which show history of Jewish people as they lived in Poland. Interestingly Jewish museum very often present the history from the very beginning, since the Jews first came to Poland. A 1000 years history of Jewish nation as it interacted with history of Polish nation is a complicated matter, definitely worth exploring.