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Warsaw history and contemporary times

Warsaw is the capital city of Poland. As such it’s the house of Polish government and authorities, but its allure and attractiveness can’t be simply limited to these two facts. Warsaw has its own long history, which remnants you can still see all over the city, think of museums in Warsaw which somehow isn’t related to its past, is there any? Still, there’s also another face of the capital, after all Warsaw is a modern city in which a lot of action is taking place all the time.

Troubled Warsaw history can be witnessed and re-lived in multiplicity of museums in Warsaw. Think of the Warsaw Rising Museum for example. Rich and dramatic history of one of the most important uprisings can be re-lived there. Historical face of Warsaw isn’t of course limited to museums. There’s plenty of other places related to the capital’s past – art galleries, theatres, operas, streets, monuments and even restaurants and cafes.

Let’s not forget about modern face. After all, Warsaw is a cosmopolitan city, which is attractive for both, home and foreign visitors looking for attractions and enjoying sightseeing combined with worldly atmosphere. What’s more, there’s a lot of business travellers who come to Warsaw on a regular basis on business. Warsaw isn’t only filled with museums, art galleries and fancy restaurants – it’s also an important business centre, where big players and corporations have their subsidiaries. All these things together make Warsaw an exceptionally interesting city bustling with life where everything can really happen.

Museums in Warsaw

Although, Warsaw is so filled with attractions it’s the museums that draw most of the attention. Being in the capital and not visiting a museums in Warsaw for many travellers is simply unimaginable. There’s no way to visit Warsaw and not to step into one of the museums. Of course, it’s not easy to choose one museums in Warsaw, which can meet all our requirements or satisfy needs of all travellers alike. There are simply too many museums in Warsaw to do that. Therefore, it’s best to choose one having in mind our basic preferences and interests.

For example, if you’re interested in technology and science visiting Copernicus Science Centre can be a really great idea. It’s a unique place that can’t be found in any other place in Poland. There’s plenty of interactive displays, where you can actually do things and conduct experiments and observe the results. There is also a possibility to attend workshops, to work in labs or to listen to lectures. What’s interesting, Copernicus Science Centre can be called one of the museums in Warsaw (if you are looking for a list of most interesting museums in Warsaw read this blog post), after all it’s the museum of science and technology.