Only one day in Warsaw?

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What to do if you have only one day in Warsaw?

Welcome to Warsaw – city where fake palms grow on the streets. Let us be honest: Warsaw is not Paris, Rome or London but if you give the city a chance, you will fall in love with it. If you can or want to spend here only two days, you should definitely read this article. The first day of your stay in Warsaw you should start from the Old Town and the Royal Palace where every day at 11 p.m. next to the Zygmunt Colomun, you will meet an English-speaking guide with an orange umbrella. You can join the free tour which takes about three hours.

Thanks to this, you will learn about the Polish history what can be a great introduction to your trip. First, the guide will let you hear the bugle call from the castle. Later on, you will be said the history but with presentation of some extra pictures. The guide will show you some very interesting places, tell you some legends and at the end you will be served with the special Polish delight. After being guided, we also recommend spending next two or three hours on visiting the Old Town. For example, you should see the cellars which are located under the tenement houses or you can simply admire details around – there are plenty of them. Before you leave the old town, remember to take a look of the gothic interior of Saint John’s Cathedral.

After that, go down the main street called Krakowskie Przedmiescie which is one of the most historic and beautiful streets in Warsaw. When you reach the monument of the most famous and important Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz and Carmelite church from the 17th century, turn right. Here you will find the Grand Theatre from the 19th century – one of the largest buildings in Warsaw. From the theatre you can go to Saxon Gardens where under the triple arcade you will see the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. That is the only monument which remains of the Saxon Palace destroyed during the Second World War. Behind the tomb, there is a park which used to be the royal garden. In 18th century it became the first public park in Warsaw. At the Krakowskie Przedmiescie you should also see the Warsaw University established in 19th century which is now the largest academic institution in Poland.

Krakowskie Przedmiescie changes into the street called Nowy Swiat (the New World).  At this street there are plenty of restaurants and cafes. Nowy Swiat leads to the National Museum where you can admire the most important paintings for the Polish culture. In the end of your first day of Warsaw, just take a walk around the city when all buildings are nicely lighted and look really pleasant in the evening. After dark, undoubtedly, you should see the Palace of Culture, the National Stadium, the Royal Palace and the Zygmunt Column. If you want, you can also visit some bars, restaurants or night clubs as Warsaw is very vibrant city which does not sleep, especially during weekends.

If you will feel need to stay longer at the end of a day visit website and book your stay.