Pedestrian zones

Pedestrian zones – Warsaw for walks


What is a pedestrian zone

Pedestrian in WarsawLiving in big cities can be complicated and overwhelming. With all the traffic and noise it’s sometimes really difficult to move around and enjoy actual city life and its vibe. Therefore, it’s only natural that areas of cities are carefully designed and there’s plenty of various zones dedicated to variety of uses. For example, pedestrian zones, also known as care free areas are getting more and more common. It results partly form the fact, that pedestrians’ situation can be complicated and the other reason is to eliminate traffic and make cities less crowded and less polluted.

Pedestrian zones are dedicated solely to pedestrians and it’s impossible to enter them by car or any other vehicle that’s not allowed. Of course, pedestrian zones differ and in some of them some vehicles are allowed and only cars are prohibited. One fact is common – they are areas dedicated solely to pedestrian use. What’s interesting, there’s no rule stating what can of places can be turned into pedestrian zones. As a result, you can find pedestrians-only parks, greenery, streets, marketplaces and many others.

What can you do in Warsaw

What’s interesting, in big cities like Warsaw more and more street and squares are turning into car free areas. Of course, there are many reasons for it – some of them are connected with the need to create safe areas or eliminate traffic, other are mainly focused on pedestrians’ comfort. In Warsaw there’s plenty of pedestrian zones located all over the city. Yet, there’s one in particular that definitely draws attention. It’s Chmielna street. Of course, Chmielna street has a long and interesting history but there’s one fact that distinguished it through Warsaw’s past. Chmielna street has always been the centre of pedestrian movement and served as trading area. Today Chmielna street is partly pedestrian zone that’s busy with life. It’s a glamorous part of the capital with luxurious shops, galleries and restaurants and cafes bustling with life.

Advantages of pedestrian zones

Of course, there’s plenty of advantages of pedestrian zones. In case of Chmielna street in Warsaw it’s obvious that pedestrian traffic is huge (due to the variety of fancy restaurants and hotels such as residence st. Andrews) but it’s an advantage. City vibe and energy can be easily seen there and its inner power inevitably draws attention. Therefore, it’s no surprise that some many people visit this area and want to stay longer, simply linger there. It seems that Chmielna street won’t change its character any time soon.