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Polish cuisine in Warsaw

Places to see

Inseparable element of each trip is food. It not only about boosting your energy, or to just put anything back, but travelling is strictly connected with trying local cuisine, especially if we travel to another country. Maybe your visit is the first and the last at the same time, and because of that, you should definitely try enjoy everything what each place has on offer. This article is particularly for those who have on target Warsaw, as we have prepared a list of top ten fine restaurants, which undoubtedly, will meet all their needs. A lot of Warsaw restaurants were rewarded in many cooks-off, or described in a lot of prestigious culinary guides, because they provide service at the highest level. One of the most famous and out of the top restaurants is Atelier Amaro, which is led by the greatest Polish chef, not only specialist but genius of cooking, in particular, of Polish cuisine. As the first Polish restaurant, in 2013, Atelier Amaro was rewarded as with the prestigious Michelin Raising Star. Each fun of so-called fine dining will be absolutely amazed at what pieces of art are served in this unique and one of a kind restaurant.

The other worth recommendation and fabulous place is ZielonyNiedźwiedź. The aim of this restaurant is to hold the tradition of a real and finespun Polish cuisine. In a bid to achieve this goal, dishes served in ZielonyNiedźwiedź are seasonally changed, therefore prepared in accordance with what is available in particular seasons. This approach is a guarantee of absolutely outstanding taste and high quality of the food. Moreover, because of its perfect localization in Breyer Park, ZielonyNiedźwiedźis the ideal place for relax.

Next place which should be visited is Opasły Tom PiW. This is another outstanding restaurant which serves traditional Polish cuisine. The menu in Opasły Tom PiW is seasonal but not so “extravagance”, according to the restaurant owner, the vital role is played by the taste, not by the form of serving, decorations, and so forth.

Solec 44 is the place for those who preferred unusual mix of flavors of Polish cuisine. This restaurant is famous for the highest quality of Polish products and the unique combination of traditional and modern cuisine, the menu is also seasonal. Thanks to original interior design, Solec 44 allows guest to step back in time and feel the atmosphere of 80’s times. The restaurant resembles an old store common in times where Poland was dominated by socialism.

Concept 13 – the restaurant with the unconventional menu inspired by traditional Polish cuisine, but including flavours from all over the world. There you can order such original dishes as the turbot with cauliflower and tarragon, or the green apple sorbet with crumble topping and yogurt. The author of this extraordinary ideas is DariuszBarański one of the best Polish chefs.

We need to underline that all of presented restaurants, are really expensive, but the highest quality is invaluable. Moreover, in these places, you would have an opportunity to try a real and exquisite Polish cuisine.