Wilanow Palace and Park

The Royal Warsaw – Wilanow Palace and Park

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Wilanow Palace and Park – enjoy the royal air

Wilanow is located just 10 km from Warsaw, at the south end of Royal Route. It’s a beautiful palace and park set in surrounding greenery. Wilanow throughout history served as home for Polish kings. It was originally built for Jan III Sobieski at the end of 17th century. It changed its owners over time, among other it served as a military base, summer residence for royalty and now is a museum welcoming visitors from all over the world. Architectonically it is a typical suburban baroque residence. Yet, the design incorporates various styles such as elements of traditional Polish aristocratic mansions with typical side towers, Italian villa decorative elements as well as French inspiration. Nowadays visitors can enjoy the museum tours and learn the history of the palace. Interestingly the palace holds a lot of events and exhibitions which visitors can find as additional entertainment. The palace is a beautiful place with long interesting history. It’s definitely worth visiting at all times, but due to the stunning surroundings it’s great to see it in spring or early summer when the flowers are in full bloom.

Wilanow Palace and Park – unite with nature

Wilanow park covers a huge space around the palace. It’s carefully designed into various areas. There are fountains, paths and multiplicity of flowers to enjoy. Its richness is truly amazing, hence it’s worth to visit the park when the nature wakes to life and truly enjoy the greenery. Visitors who are tired after the long tour of the palace can take a well-deserved rest on one of many benches and enjoy the fresh air. If you’re thirsty or hungry don’t worry there are few restaurant serving local food nearby. Traditional Polish cuisine offers a variety of tasty dishes. There is plenty to choose from. Summer gardens invite tired visitors to enjoy cold drinks and tasty meals. While visiting Warsaw it’s a must to see Wilanow as well. Hectic life of the capital can be exhausting in the long run, it’s worth to take a rest in the beautiful Wilanow park and enjoy quiet moment, with history just next to us.