Top Warsaw hotels

Top Warsaw hotels – how to choose


What are top Warsaw hotels qualities

Warsaw hotelsWarsaw as the capital city has a lot to offer when it comes to accommodation. There are various types of tourists lodgings, consider for example such places as: hotel chains, independent brands, hostels, guests houses, other types of private accommodation and many others. Depending on your individual needs and preferences you can find plenty of places that can meet your needs. Although, the matter seems simple finding top Warsaw hotels may not be easy.

Top Warsaw hotels can be generally divided into two types of hotels. You can choose from hotel chains or individual brands. No matter your preferences in the matter all top Warsaw hotels need to meet few basic requirements. Top Warsaw hotels need to have proper high standard, suitable location, car park on site or available nearby, easy access to public transport and preferably set of additional attractions for customers with sophisticated needs. Hotel restaurant, cafes and pubs are obvious things, top Warsaw hotels need to offer more – hence you can find there gyms, swimming pools, spa centres and plenty of other services.

Your perfect choice – hotel chains or individual brands

Warsaw has plenty of hotel chains. Whereas hotel chains usually present high standard and top quality services they aren’t always the best choices.  Top Warsaw hotel chains like Hilton, Novotel or Ibis tend to have one feature in common – they are all the same, standardised versions that you can encounter in other places in Poland, as well as in various places in the world. Therefore if you’re looking for top Warsaw hotels that can accommodate your needs and show you the city vibe and some local colour consider independent brands.

Warsaw monumentResidence St. Andrew’s Palace hotel is one of top Warsaw hotels you can visit hotel website under this link. It’s an independent brand hotel, which means it doesn’t need to follow strict rules when it comes to accommodation rules, design and approach towards customers. Residence St. Andrew’s Palace can accommodate individual needs of its customers and offer some dose of flexibility. Customised approach and originality are its defining features which effectively distinguish it from Warsaw hotel chains.

Yet, there’s much more. Residence St. Andrew’s Palace offers top quality services perfectly combined with homely atmosphere. Intimate and quiet atmosphere of its apartments make its guests feel at home. Various types of suites can meet the needs of single travellers as well as bigger families traveling together. Children friendly facilities and staff assistance provide guests with the feeling of safety. Stylish design drawing on traditional beautiful furniture and modern functionality combined are a great change from sterile rooms in hotel chains.