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Visit in Poland – why it’s worth your time

Places to see

Poland attractions – must see and key facts

Poland is a really amazing country, where tourists can find both pure nature, modern city vibes and history. No matter the purpose of your visit you can be sure to find something suitable to your needs and taste. Still, when planning your visit in Poland it’s always a good idea to dig into its most popular attractions, stories behind them and come prepared. In this way it’s easier to get in touch with people and feel at ease. What’s Poland mostly famous for? There isn’t just one simple answer to this question. Ask anyone and they can tell you various things. You can hear that Poland is famous for its troubled past, especially the one connected with II World War and the Warsaw Uprising. Another answer can name Poland famous for its intact nature, just think of many Polish national parks, where you can truly lose yourself. Yet, another person can mention outstanding and tasty Polish cuisine. And the answers can simply go on and on. Still, we can definitely name a few must sees. These are for sure cities like Warsaw, Gdańsk or Kraków. There is Malbork with its one of a kind castle. There is Białowieża national park with its pure nature and if you think of events there are Christmas with its rich tradition and food.

Warsaw vibe, hectic nightlife and serene parks

If you want to focus on the capital and its neighborhood during your visit in Poland definitely keep in mind these few following facts. First of all, Warsaw’s picturesque Old Town is a UNESCO world heritage site. It’s really worth the trip. Just imagine a pleasant stroll in this remarkable area. Secondly, Warsaw is truly rich in history. You can find plenty of historic sites spread all over the capital or you can pop in one of many Warsaw’s historic museums. If you’re curious about the Warsaw Uprising you should definitely visit Warsaw Uprising Museum, where you can take a walk back in time and follow the uprising events as they developed. Finally, if you’re a foodie Warsaw is the place for you. In many Warsaw restaurants you can grab a bite of traditional Polish food but also modern cuisine dishes. And don’t forget about city’s natural vibes and hectic nightlife.