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Warsaw Guide

Are you going to visit Warsaw? If not, you should definitely consider it, book a flight and explore it. If you are about to do this, then let us take for a short but interesting walk around the city. Warsaw is capital of Poland, beautiful city with the long history.

Warsaw is also one of the most developed cities in Poland. However, among glass skyscrapers there are a lot of enchanting and worth seeing places. The old town is said to be absolutely gorgeous and it enraptures everyone who will walk around old townhouses. If you are going to visit Warsaw, undoubtedly you should feel this unique atmosphere. There should be add that the old town is known as the oldest part of the city, which was founded in 13th century, but ina consequence of Warsaw uprising in 1944, it wascompletely destroyed by Nazi troops.  There are only two well-preserved buildings from the period before 1944, there was destroyed almost 90% of the old town. Fortunately, thanks to Warsaw residents initiative’s, the central part of the city was restored and therefore in 2011 was inscribed in the UNESCOMemory of the World Register. The process of reconstruction was completed with the final renovation of Royal Castle, which in 1984 was opened to visitors. In the 14th century instead of stone walls, there were wooden buildings and tower. Through many years, the Castle was being expanded and modified many times. Unfortunately, as the whole old town, Royal Castle was destroyed as well: the first time in 1939 at the beginning of World War II, and in 1944. The castle is absolutely amazing, there should be mentioned that its reconstruction lasted 50 years! It demands a lot of times and costs but effects of this process are amazing.

Another extremely important element of Warsaw, also said to be its “match mark” is Sigismund’s Column commemorating King Sigismund III Vasa. Of course, the column also has been renovated, but fortunately,  the figure of Sigismund had not been destroyed, so only column was re-erected in 1949. Column is located in Castle Square.Previously, the Square was the battlefield, place of many sad and difficult moments in Polish history. Nowadays, Castle Square is full of tourists and positive energy. This is also a place where various musical concerts and cultural events are oraganised. However, the old town is not the only attraction which waits for us in Warsaw. Last but not least, outside the old town, there are much more things described as MUST to SEE. One of these things is a build, which probably every one associates with Poland and Warsaw – the Palace of the Culture and the Science, the highest building in Poland with more than 3,000 rooms. As its name presents, in the Palace there are a lot cultural, scientific and worth participating in events. Although in the first place,tourists are invited to visit interior of the Palace, most of visitors’ goal is climbing up the 30th floor of the Palace, and admiringfrom the terrace breathing-taking panorama of Warsaw.