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Walk in the city – what you should know

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Walk in the city – is Warsaw a good place to walk

There are various forms of sightseeing. You can take a bus and simply enjoy the sights from its window, you can have a guided bus tour around the most important city sites, you can move around using public transportation such as trams or subway or you can simply walk. Is walk in the city a really good idea? On the one hand, everything depends on weather conditions. If the weather is nice, it’s pretty warm, there’s no rain or snow and sun beams at you with joy it’s a perfect day to take a walk in the city. Yet, if it’s cloudy, rainy, gloomy and generally uninviting walk in the city can be tiresome and not enjoyable at all.

Than, on the other hand it’s the size of the city that you should take into account. If the city is a huge metropolis taking the walk in the city can be quite an challenge, and sometimes can be even impossible. Think of all the motorways, passages, heavy road traffic – they all can make such a simple thing as walk in the city simply impossible. What about cities like Warsaw, pretty huge yet not quite an overwhelming metropolis, is it possible to walk there? In case of Warsaw you can certainly take a leisurely walk around the city centre, Old Town square and many other places and districts.

Walk in the city – practical advice

In case of Warsaw walk in the city is quite a good option. When the weather is nice and it’s not freezingly cold it can be a real fun and pleasure. It result mostly form the fact that Warsaw has a really nice layout and plenty of attractions and charming streets to walk on. What’s more, some people recommend walking as the very best way to actually see the capital and enjoy its beauty.  It’s true, there are some things that you can only see while walking and it’s impossible to visit them in any other way. Think of all the narrow streets and hidden squares of tenement houses – they have really amazing sights to offer and it’s definitely a good idea to use it and see for yourself.

Finally, don’t forget about offers of Warsaw restaurants and street cafes. There’s really plenty to choose from and you should definitely try some. What’s more, when you take the walk in the city it’s natural that at some point you grow tired and want to rest. Taking a short break in the garden of a fancy restaurant and enjoying the busy street life as it’s passing you by can be a great pleasure. Then, after this short break you can simply get up and move on, continue with your walk in the city and see where it takes you. Walking for walking sake can be a great way to know the city.