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Warsaw for science

Warsaw offers a variety of attractions. It’s a city with a long and troubled history. You can find there a lot of historical marks and museums, just walk over the old market square or see Warsaw Uprising Museum. If you’re tired or not particularly fond of history enjoy the multitude of events happening all the time, there are music, fashion, film etc. festivals and events. If your thing is food or drinks choose from plenty of restaurants offering cuisine from all over the world, not only traditional Polish dishes, like dumplings. Still, not satisfied – check out the largest in Poland science center Copernicus Science Center. This place is a huge fun for both adults and children. If you’re only a little interested in scientific laws, physics or astronomy that’s the place for you.

Copernicus Science Center

The idea of creating science center dates back to late 90s. After organizing few events offering conducting science experiments on your own it became clearly visible that such a place was truly needed. Great interests and growing demand finally led to creating Copernicus Science Center. The center was opened in 2010 and straight away become a huge success drawing visitors from all over Poland and foreigners visiting the country as well. Basically in the center you can find a planetarium with interesting exhibitions explaining the way our universe operates, but there are also laser and music shows of various kinds. You can also meet with a scientist and have a chat. Apart from planetarium there are labs where you can check yourself how things work and why. There are all kinds of experiments that you can conduct individually or in a group. You can choose what suits you best and enjoy the time. Finally, there are thematic workshops which can help you learn the mechanisms of the surrounding universe.

The center offer many attractions. The workshops and exhibitions change over time so be sure to stay up to date with what’s going on. And not miss an opportunity to learn new things about our fascinating planet and the deep space we’re in.