Warsaw greenery

Warsaw greenery – a sight for sore eyes


Warsaw greenery – parks and fields

Warsaw as a capital city is vibrant with life. Busy streets, crowded cafes and restaurants bustling with life are normal sights. When hearing Warsaw many people tend to imagine exactly these things. Yet, truth be told there’s plenty of quiet and peaceful places in Warsaw when it’s possible to rest and enjoy lazy sunny days. Warsaw greenery is very often an underestimated attraction. What’s the reason for that?

greeneryWarsaw greenery tends to be overlooked in tourist guides and books because at first sight it doesn’t have much to offer. There aren’t any lively shows or performances, you can’t actually enjoy the beauty of art or taste modern cuisine there. Yet, greenery in capital city has something else other sights don’t have. What’s that? Basically, Warsaw greenery is full of inner quiet life that’s going on right under our noses.

It’s the power of nature that’s perfectly exhibited in Warsaw green areas. You can enjoy the solemn beauty of dense forests, the frolicy joy of undergrowth just starting to grow or calm peace and quiet of old park trees. Warsaw greenery has it all, sometimes interestingly entangled and mixed. If you’re not sure if it’s really worth the trouble try visiting one of many Warsaw parks, fields or green areas. If Warsaw parks aren’t enough check out more impressive Warsaw greenery such as the Royal Łazienki or Wilanów.

Warsaw greenery – Royal Łazienki and Wilanów

Warsaw greenery as perfectly embodied in parks in Łazienki or Wilanów has plenty to offer. Both in Łazienki and Wilanów you can find peaceful places secluded from tourists, where you can rest under an oak tree or you can just walk with the crowds and enjoy the nature and vibe of tourists’ life as they’re entangled No matter your final choice of destination you can be sure that Warsaw greenery won’t actually disappoint you.

garden WarsawFirst of all, because it’s so vibrant with life and inner energy, just waiting to be admired and unleashed. Secondly, Warsaw greenery can be a perfect respite from the hectic life of the capital. Busy streets constantly filled with crowds, smells and noises can have negative effects on your body and mind. After all, everyone needs a quiet moment – Warsaw greenery is perfect for just that.

If you’re still not convinced that parks can do wonders to your tired mind and soul just take a leap of faith and wonder off. Off the beaten track footpaths and alleyways can make you feel yourself again. Take a deep breath, sit down and enjoy the beautiful power of green. Mother nature is just waiting to embrace you. You can read more here.