Warsaw guide

Warsaw guide


Warsaw guide – how to choose a good guide to Warsaw?

Let’s say you are heading to the capital of Poland, but you don’t know where to go first. The best thing you can do is find a good Warsaw Guide – your trip will be much more pleasant and interesting that way. You will also have it easier to prepare your visit, so you won’t omit a thing. You don’t know how to choose a good guide which will fulfill all of your requirements? Thanks to our tips you certainly will get a good one.

  • Try to choose aa Warsaw guide with a map of the city on the inside cover. Thanks to this simple solution you don’t have to buy a separate map and the street names will tell you where you are. Make sure the cover is not too soft, otherwise it can be damaged easily.
  • Think about the guide’s format. Pocket versions are great, as their size make them more convenient, easy to hide in your pocket and don’t weigh too much. A larger, album-sized Warsaw Guide is also fine if you decide to browse it before your trip and make notes about the places you wish to see.
  • Check the content. Before you buy a Warsaw Guide, you have to see if the info inside is useful to you. To test it, go to the nearest bookstore and browse a few titles. You can also print a demo version of an e-guide or print only the info you need that you find on the web. The less you have to carry, the better.
  • Visiting the capital of Poland demands a Warsaw Guide which will have a clear table of contents, descriptions of the best tourist routes, well-designed navigation, bullet points, notifications ion the page corners, tables, headers and infoboxes. A good graphic design makes the guide much easier to use.
  • Check if the Warsaw Guide of your choosing contains practical info, like the important addresses, ready-made tours, short descriptions, directions to other landmarks, phone numbers etc. Also make sure it is written in plain, understandable style. You don’t want to cope with a wall of text, so try to avoid these types of guides. You can read them at home, but they are hard to use during your trip. If you choose a book with all the relevant info easily accessible, the whole tour will be better.
  • Check if your chosen Warsaw Guide has a list of upcoming events. It’s a great feature, especially if you don’t want to simply visit the landmarks, but also wish to enjoy the culture of the place.
  • Try to buy a Warsaw guide when you arrive to the capital – you have a better chance to find current information which may not appear in older editions.
  • Try secondhand bookshops – you can find incredible guides for a fraction fo the original price, so you can buy a couple and compare the info they provide.
  • Use topical supplements and newspaper additions – they often contain information you won’t find anywhere else. If you plan to go to the Polish capital in a few months, buy one Warsaw Guide first and then complement it with other materials gradually.