Warsaw is beautiful

Warsaw is beautiful!

Places to see Warsaw Guide

Have you ever though that Warsaw is beautiful?

Warsaw is the capital and the largest city of Poland. It is famous for tasty food, beautiful palaces and the new old town reconstructed in the historical style. There are many places worth visiting in Warsaw. One weekend will not be enough to see all attractions which are waiting for tourists there. However, in this article there are presented places that are not considered top 10 to see, but will impress everyone.

The first place is Museum of Caricature.The museum was established in 1978 and it was the first of this kind in the world. You will see there more than 25,000 drawings, paintings and sculptures. Visiting the museum is a great opportunity to see unique Polish and World caricatures dating back to 18th century.

Another place to visit is Warsaw ZOO. It is scientific ZOO located on Ratuszowa Street which covers 40 hectares (90 acres) of the Warsaw city center. Every year, more than 600,000 tourists visit this place. It was opened on March 11 1928, and since that moment, it has been home for more than 4,000 animals representing more than 500 species. That is impressive achievement.

Stay in Warsaw should also include the visit of historic Powiązki Cemetery. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in the city. The cemetery was established on 4 November 1790 and consecrated on 20 May 1792. Powiązki Cemetery is known as one of the most famous Warsaw cemetery, because it is a treasure of a large number of beautiful sculptures and small architectures. Moreover, it is a resting place of a lot of great and famous Poles.

Next place you must definitely see is Saxon Garden. Saxon Garden is the oldest public park in the city, founded in the late 17th century. Moreover, Saxon Garden was one of the first publicly open gardens in the world ( it was open to the public in 1792). It really big park with the area of 15,5 hectares.

Being in Warsaw you cannot also miss Museum of Pawiak Prison. It is very interesting place presenting the history of Pawiak Prison used during the German occupation between ’39 and ’44. There is placed extremely important and historic monument: Monument Tree of Pawiak, the bronze copy of the famous elm which the victims’ families have placed the epitaph plates. This is one of the most important place which keeps history of Polish nation.

Another place we really recommend is Royal Palace Wilanów located in Wilanów district. It is one of a few places in Warsaw which survived Poland’s partition and both World Wars. It is the great reminder of the state of the Polish culture before the 18th century.

The last place worth recommendation is Lazienki Palace. This monument is well-known among tourists but by mentioning it, we would like to underline how important role it plays in Polish culture. You cannot leave Warsaw without visiting Lazienki Palace. The palace occupies 76 hectares of the city center and literally means “Bath Palace”. You should visit it in summer or spring to admire the entire beauty of this baroque style complex full of gardens and fountains.