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Warsaw parks and gardens – enjoy the nature

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Warsaw parks and gardens – alternative to modernity and history

Warsaw is a really curious city. On the one hand, it’s full of energy and modern day vibes. While walking its streets you can almost feel its rhythmic pulse as it unfolds beneath your feet and all around you. You can see it in the faces of people walking by, you can hear it in the noisy clutter of street cafes and finally you can taste it while grabbing a bite in one of the capital’s restaurants. Then, on the other hand, Warsaw seems at times and some places frozen in time, stuck in the past as it was, impossible to change. Just take a walk over the Old Town or visit historical cemetery in Powązki. Sometimes, even while stepping into seemingly busy restaurant and café you can suddenly find yourself in the distant past, motionless like a picture frame. These two faces intertwined, modern and historic make Warsaw a curious place to visit. Yet, they can also make you feel overwhelmed and ill at ease. Hence, if you feel that it’s high time for your batteries to recharge don’t hesitate and take a walk into one of Warsaw parks and gardens. Here’s where you can truly rest and let the nature wash over your daily troubles and city life’s remnants.

Warsaw parks and gardens – forget the facts and just be

Luckily, you can choose from quite a few Warsaw parks and gardens. Depending on your mood on a given day you can combine visit in a park with some cultural event. Just walk over Royal Łazienki Park and get lost in its beauty, only to finally take your chance at listening to one of Chopin concerts. Don’t despair if you prefer the beauty of pure nature. Warsaw gardens and parks offer possibility of unhindered contact with nature as well. Check out park Skaryszewski located in Praga Południe, which is made of wild meadows and pastures. While strolling there you can truly breathe in. Finally, if you’re in for relaxation visit Pola Mokotowskie with its huge space and plenty of recreational areas. Open air gyms and running and biking tracks are a chance for you to keep fit and healthy in a pleasant neighborhood.