Warsaw Public Transport – the basics

Warsaw Transport

Below you can find the basic tips for using public transportation in Warsaw. This section will be expanded.

1. Tickets

Warsaw Tickets

Old and new city transport logos

Old and new city transport logos

Warsaw Public Transport has an integrated ticket system, which means that you don’t have to buy separate tickets for different means of transport – one ticket is viable in metro, bus and tram that operates as a part of public transportation system in Warsaw. All public transport vehicles are painted in Yellow and Red and are additionally marked with Warsaw’s coat of arms (Syrenka – Mermaid) and with a ZTM (Public Transport Authority) logo.

Warsaw's coat of arms found on public transport vehicles

Warsaw’s coat of arms found on public transport vehicles

Some private transportation companies (especially trains running through Warsaw) also treat ZTM tickets as valid on certain routes.

Warsaw has two ticket zones – suburbs (Zone 2) and City (Zone 1). Zone boundaries and their numbers are signified on each stop (not always in English – Polish equivalent of the word “Zone” is “Strefa” – look for it on stops and information posts to see in which zone you’re in and to which one you’re heading to).

Types of tickets and tariffs

Time tickets – valid through a specified time printed on a ticket. Once you validate them, you can use as many transport vehicles as you desire for  20, 75 or 90 minutes.

One day tickets – valid for 24 hours. The same deal as with the time tickets – you have one day since the time of validation to use any public transport means necessary to get through the city. These are pretty useful for short-term visits.

Weekend tickets – valid from Friday (7PM) till Monday (8AM), can be used for unlimited number of trips in that time. Can be bought in “groups” version. Very useful for those who wish to experience the busy, fun weekend in Warsaw.

30-day and 90-day tickets and travel cards – as the name implies, valid for 30 days for an unlimited number of rides. If you’re planning an extended stay in Warsaw, these are your best bet. You should be interested in travel cards which hold an electronic information about the time they were validated for the first time and can be recharged in any ticket stand. Very convenient for long-term stays in Polish capital. But remember – Warsaw City Cards are issued with a photo and full name of the bearer, thus it is not easy to share them with others.