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Where to stay in Warsaw? A few words about apartments

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Those who are planning a trip to Warsaw (be it a tourist or business purpose) should think about their options when it comes to sleeping. Of course, the best sleeping space will provide comfort, but it also includes higher costs. To make your choice simpler we have prepared a list of accommodations with their pros and cons. If you wish to know where to stay in Warsaw, please read on.

Where to stay in Warsaw? A few tips

Option one – apartments

This is a solution for those travelers who value comfort and privacy. When you rent an apartment, you can be sure the comfort and standards of living cannot be matched by any other solution. Such apartments are fully equipped, with furnished kitchen, bathroom and one or two rooms, so you cannot complain about lack of space. In addition, you’ll see that there is a huge variety of amenities and equipment, so you won’t have any problem with cooking or watching your favorite TV channel. The apartments also have a full access to the internet, telephone, fax and other business necessities. The quality of service is also worth mentioning – rooms are cleaned every day, cuisine is top notch and the apartments are usually situated near fashionable venues and restaurants. In addition, in apart hotels rooms are few and far between, so the silence is almost always guaranteed. There is of course one serious drawback – such option can be pretty expensive. Nevertheless, if you don’t have an idea where to stay in Warsaw and you first and foremost value the best comfort, apartments (you can find theme here: will be the best choice for you.

Otpion two – traditional hotels and guesthouses

We all know how the situation looks with the hotels – they are usually crowded, as they provide the best price to comfort ratio on the market. The rooms are large, but not as big as in apartments. First advantage – they have huge price ranges, so almost anyone can find a hotel room ideal for their budget (and we are not counting any additional bonuses or discounts!). But when you choose the hotel, you have to be careful, as advertisement is one thing, while the reality is another pair of shoes. Before you book a room, read the opinions about a hotel on the internet. In addition, not all hotels are in the city center – most of the best-priced ones are located in the suburbs. Moreover, crowds mean more noise, no matter how thick the walls are. You won’t have your own kitchen just for yourself and in cheaper options, even the bathroom is shared. Of course, if you have no idea where to stay in Warsaw and you have a strict budget, hotel might be your best option. Just do your research and be careful.

Option three – free accommodation

Finding a free place to sleep may seem impossible, but it can be done! You can try the internet service and contact a person who offers an accommodation in Warsaw. Remember – to use the service, you have to offer the same service at your place too. This solution is ideal for those who wish to spend the least amount of money on accommodation, but remember to always be careful and if you decide to couch surf, do not travel alone, as you never know what might happen. If you don’t have an idea where to stay in Warsaw, try to also think about relatives or friends who may stay or even live there and give them a call. Ask if it is possible to stay at their place for a small fee or a helping hand. It will certainly be beneficial for both sides of such agreement.