Wilanow Palace

Wilanow Palace and the Royal Lazienki

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Wilanow Palace and the Royal Lazienki in Warsaw

If you have already visited the city center of Warsaw, we would like to advise you what you can see more. In this article, we would like to present you two very important places in Warsaw. Firstly go to Wilanow. As the name implies, it is located in Wilanow district. Wilanow Palace is one of the most important monuments in Poland. It was the formal residence of Polish royals and aristocratic families. Today it is the ideal place to contemplate history, art and nature. However, it is also museum and a scientific institution.

The Palace was built for the king John III Sobieski in 17th century. It was extended and adorned by renowned architects and artists such as Andreas Schluter and Michelangelo Palloni. Its architecture is really original thanks to combination of the European art and traditional Polish style. Wilanow Palace survived the Second World War and the Partitions of Poland. Today it represents the beautiful Polish baroque architecture style. From Wilanow you can easily go by bus to the Royal Lazienki. If you do not have a lot of time, and you are going to see only one park, we recommend visiting exactly this one. Here you can visit Palace on the Isle which is the best example of neoclassical architecture. However, the style of this building was different originally.

The original building from the 18th was destroyed century during the Second World War. By the way, almost the whole city was destroyed and after the War residents of Warsaw made a great effort to rebuild it. Thanks to them, you can still feel the atmosphere of the old Warsaw from the 19th century. Today Lazienki plays various roles: it is museum, the place of scientific and entertainment events, and a favourite place for walks. Lazienki is also very attractive for all classical music fans as there should be stressed that for 50 years, at the foot of the world’s most famous monument of Fryderyk Chopin, on Saturdays and Sundays during the summer, free piano concerts have been held.

The Royal Lazienki Museum welcomes all interested visitors and all those who would like to find something interesting for them, especially everyone is invited to the garden which is illuminated during the winter time. Who said that doing sightseeing can be only attractive in summer or spring? The Royal Lazienki is also amazing tourist attraction during the colder seasons. Recently, municipality took care about making it more attractive for tourist in winter. You can walk through the terrace by the Palace on the Isle (a pearl of Polish architecture and one of the symbols of Warsaw) with a shining and twinkling Christmas tree. You can also look at the main viewing axis, and enjoy the splendid illumination of the Amphitheatre. Amazing view is waiting for those who will walk along Agrykola Street because this street is also usually beautifully illuminated. However, the view from the Arcade Bridge on the greatly illuminated Palace on the Isle is also worth a while.