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Places around Warsaw you must see

If you have already visited the most popular and touristic places in Warsaw, and you still have time and strengths for further exploration, you should definitely knock around Warsaw. There are some places which are worth visiting. Being in Warsaw, you should try finding some time to go there as well. There are plenty of architectonic, historic and natural monuments and areas. Our aim is to encourage you to read this article and plan your further trip. In this way, you will proudly say that Warsaw will not surprise you anymore. The first place we want to tell you about is small locality called Kampinos. Kampinos is said to be the entrance to the Kampinos Forest. A large number of touristic routes start exactly from this place. In the locality, you should see the wooden church of Holy Virgin Mary from the 18th century. There is also very interesting the classicistic manor house built in 19th century. The manor house plays really important role in the history of Poland, because it is a place of repose for the soldiers fighting during the January Upraising in 1863. Another, place which you should definitely visit is known as Żelazowa Wola. Why is it so important for Polish culture? Żelazowa Wola is the birth place of one of the most famous Polish composer Fryderyk Chopin. Although he had been living there for only one year, because then his mother moved to Warsaw, it has become very important touristic attraction. Every year, a large number of foreign tourists who are fascinated with Fryderyk Chopin’s work visit Żelazowa Wola. If you decide on visiting Żelazowa Wola, you should visit there Museum of Fryderyk Chopin, where quite often concert grands are played. Another place worth recommendation is the Modlin Stronghold which is 2800 meters in length, what makes it the longest building in Poland. It was built in the very strategic location – between Wisla and Narwia Rivers. Moreover, it is regarded as the best preserved stronghold in Poland. Modlin Stronghold has been restored many times, and defended against enemies four times. If you go there, do not miss Tatarska Tower, because the view from the top of this tower is really amazing. You be accompanied there by the professional guide who will tell you in details the whole story of Modlin Stronghold.

Not far away from Warsaw is also located Liw Castles, actually, the name of the town where it was built is Liw as well (75 km north-east of Warsaw). Castle in Liw is one of the most important monument in the Mazowieckie voivodship. The Castle was raised in the 15th century in order to secure the crossing of the river Liwiec. The place you should see is Castle Arsenal Museum where there is kept very interesting collection of Polish militaria and portraits of Polish Sarmatians.

The last place on our map is Arkadia – Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty established on the order of Helena Radziwiłowa. Previously, it was used to be ordinary countryside, which thanks to the Duchess became the beautiful picturesque Park. We hope that you are convinced about that not only Warsaw is worth visiting, but some places around it as well.