Warsaw for couples

Warsaw for couples – romantic side of the capital

Warsaw for couples – attractions Warsaw as the capital city of Poland had a lot to offer. There’s plenty of places related to business and corporate side of the city – think for example of huge business centres, corporate buildings, places for meetings, conferences and events. Then, there’s the side connected to food. After all,… Continue Reading »

Summer in the city

Summer in the city

Summer in the city Summer is a great time of year. For the most people in Europe it’s the time of holiday and rest. It’s the time when the weather finally becomes pleasant and inviting. There’s the time of outdoor barbecues, trips in the countryside and such. Still, summer may be as well spend in… Continue Reading »

Warsaw tourism

Warsaw tourism – where to go

Warsaw tourism – possible choices Warsaw tourism is growing and becoming more and more popular. Tourists are coming from abroad as well as from Poland. The capital has a lot to offer and it’s really worth the time to know its riches. There are different kinds of tourism that you can choose from. Frist of… Continue Reading »

What to see in Warsaw

What to see in Warsaw

What to see in Warsaw on a trip with children? Are you taking your child to the capital to show him/her the beauty of this city, but don’t know where to go in order to make the trip interesting? Don’t worry, there are multiple possibilities that will make your child happy and your whole excursion… Continue Reading »

Visiting Warsaw

Visiting Warsaw – a few beautiful and forgotten places Warsaw is a beautiful city, full of places with an immense history. Some of them are kept in excellent condition and are thus often visited by tourists. Others have been forgotten and have worn out after some time, but they once enjoyed a fair reputation. This… Continue Reading »