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Warsaw attractions – enjoy capital’s riches

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Warsaw – city with double nature

Warsaw, the capital of Poland is an amazing city. On the one hand it’s a city with troubled past and long history. To give you an idea just think that during II World War it was almost completely destroyed, and only later rebuilt. You can encounter its past almost everywhere. Just walk the street of the old market, check for the tenement houses who miraculously survived the bombing. Look around and find modern day references to the long lost history or legend. Just enter a café or restaurant where the basilisk (an urban legend monster) rules over the cooking and meals or enter Wilanow palace originally built for king Jan III Sobieski. History is still there, on every corner. Don’t worry that you will be lost in the remnants of the past devoid of life and energy Warsaw has a second nature as well.

Forget of all the museums and historical sites, and look around for concerts and shows and all the variety of events taking place all year round in different city corners. Enjoy the concerts of the biggest modern day music starts, watch films with the most popular cast, enter the restaurants and eat meals prepared using modern day technology. Finally, look around and see how busy the streets are, how long the lights are on and how many people move around you. Warsaw’s city life is very much alive and engaging. Just find something for yourself and try it out. And when you’re tired of hectic pace slow down a little and sit down in one of many parks or find peace in the science museum.

Royal Łazienki park is full of greenery.

It’s one of the best Warsaw attractions, where you can both let your mind and body relax. Your sore eyes can rest while watching the lives of park squirrels and enjoying the sweet music of park birds. If you need something for your mind just check out one of the exhibitions in the palace buildings or listen to one of the concert near Chopin’s monument. If Łazienki park is too big find your spot in one of the smaller and perhaps quieter parks that are spread all over the city. If you need something to do and learn visit Copernicus Science Center where you can take part in theme workshops and learn the universe laws.

Warsaw attractions – what to do

Warsaw attractions are many and more. It’s impossible to enlist them all and truly value their quality. Take a little time to explore what’s there for you and seek it out. Enjoy the double nature of the capital, historic and modern, as they are fascinatingly combined. Sometimes  it’s even impossible to distinguish one from the other. Hence the magic and the mood. While staying in Warsaw is highly recommended to book proper hotel for you and your family for example St. Andrew’s Palace.