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Warsaw as the capital city of Poland has a lot to offer. There are many attractions that visitors can choose from and enjoy. Apart from the obvious Warsaw attractions like the ones connected with its tragic history (Warsaw II World War sites or Warasaw Uprsing Musuem) tourists can find a lot of other places to enjoy. Warsaw is a big city, hence a lot of things is constantly going on. There are famous events and festivals connected with film, fashion or music. There are sports events and huge live concerts with mega music starts from all over the world. Apart from this attraction it’s worth to know about Warsaw outdoor places where visitors can enjoy city life and nature. This kind of places are especially popular during summer season, when the weather is nice and inviting.

Outdoor places to visit in Warsaw are parks and Vistula river. Łazienki Royal Park or Wilanow palace and park are just examples of the stunning combination of nature and culture. In these places visitors can learn Polish history, enjoy cultural events and breathe fresh air and enjoy the nature. Interesting outdoor place is a city beach located on the banks of Vistula river. The beach is within city borders and can accommodate quite a number of people. Outdoor Warsaw attractions are particularly enjoyable in the peak of summer season if you are looking for a hotel during your stay visit residencestandrews website. Only imagine the merciless sun beating down and the people who can easily escape city’s boiling heat and take a rest in green parks or beach by the river.

Warsaw attractions – combine nature with culture

One of the great events that is takin place in the summer are Chopin concerts at Łazienki Royal Park. For over 50 years the concerts have been organized at the foot of Chopin’s monument in Łazienki Royal Park. The concerts are held on Sundays at midday throughout the summer and to the end of September. Throughout its history the concerts have been attended by many people, both Warsaw residents and tourists. They are a huge summer attraction. Only imagine spending sunny Sunday lying on a blanket and enjoying the sounds of classical music. Nature and culture combines is a perfect choice for summer rest. Don’t hesistate and book your stay in the capital. Never forget to visit the park and enjoy the peace.