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Which Warsaw museums are worth visiting?

In Warsaw there are many places that commemorate historic moments and pass the knowledge onto te next generations. Some of these buildings have existed for many years and their collections contain hundreds of different exhibits. Others are new multimedia places, in which history and tradition meet with newest technologies. We are obviously speaking about museums. In the capital there are many museums, so we decided to prepare a list of those, which are especially worth visiting. If you don’t know which Warsaw museum to visit, we recommend you to read this article. You will definitely find several interesting proposals.

Museums in Warsaw, which you must see:

  1. Museum of the History of Polish Jews – is a combination of the traditional museum and cultural-educational centre. It commemorates the contribution of Jewish society into Polish culture, science and economy. Everyone who visits this place will get a chance to learn about the history of Jewish nation, from the year 960 until the present.
  2. Royal Castle – is a Warsaw museum, which once was the residence of Polish monarchs and the Parliament of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. It looked its best in the times of Stanisław August Poniatowki. Unfortunately during the war it had been destroyed, but later its previous appearance was restored. The interiors are incredibly furnished and decorated with numerous works of art.
  3. National Museum – is a museum in Warsaw with the biggest collection of artworks encompassing paintings, graphics, sculptures, drawings, numismatic coins, daily use products and engravings. The collection consists of over a million of exhibits, which were collected over a 140 years period. This is a must see for every tourist!
  4. Łazienki Park – this is a place without which our list would be incomplete! It attracts thousands of tourists every year. Łazienki Park consists of a Museum, palace-garden complex and other heritage sites located on its terrain. It is a beautifully arranged space with stunning greenery, architecture and spatial arrangement. It was established in the 18th century from a forest conversion.
  5. Museum of Warsaw – was established in several old city tenement houses restored after the war. This is a Warsaw museum located in part on the Old Square and in part on Nowowiejska Street. The complex is complemented by three courtyards. Those who decide to visit this place will have a chance of seeing wonderful archaeological exhibits, plans, drawings, paintings, graphics, icons, sculptures etc. It is worth adding that there is an exhibition presenting the history of the city during its development over 700 years period.